The government of India says; “With dynamic help of the individuals of India, we have had the option to contain the spread of the Virus in our nation. The most significant factor in forestalling the spread of the Virus locally is to enable the residents with the correct data and playing it safe according to the warnings being given by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.”India is giving a tough fight to the pandemic disease corona. Know more about Coronavirus in India: IndiaFightsCorona

Current Status and Updates in India: (Source Ministry of India)

  • Total passengers screened at the airport: 14,90,303
  • Total active COVID-19 case: 256
  • Total Cured/Discharged/ Migrated cases: 23
  • Total death cases: 4

Symptoms of Corona Virus:

  1. Dry Cough
  2. High Fever
  3. Sore Throat
  4. Difficulty in Breathing

How it spreads?

  1. Air by cough
  2. Personal Contact
  3. Contaminated object
  4. Mass gathering


  1. Wash your hands often
  2. Wear a face mask
  3. Avoid contact with sick people
  4. Always cover your cough or sneeze

State Wise Cases and Updates:

Andhra Pradesh: Total Confirmed cases – 3

Chhattisgarh: 1

Delhi: National 25, Death 1, Foreign National 1, Cured/Discharged/ Migrated 5

Gujarat: 7

Haryana: 3 Nation, 14 Foreign Nation,

Himachal Pradesh: 2

Karnataka: 15 National, Death 1, Cured/Discharged/ Migrated 1

Kerala: National 33, Foreign Nation 7, Cured/Discharged/ Migrated 3

Madhya Pradesh: 4

Maharashtra: 60 National, Death 1, Foreign National 3

Odisha: 2

Puducherry: 0

Punjab: National 13, Death 1

Rajasthan: National 15, Foreign National 2, Cured/Discharged/ Migrated 3

Tamil Nadu: National 3, Cured/Discharged/ Migrated 1

Telangana: National 10, Foreign National 11, Cured/Discharged/ Migrated 1

Chandigarh: 1

Jammu and Kashmir: 4

Ladakh: 13

Uttar Pradesh: National 23, Foreign National 1, Cured/Discharged/ Migrated 9

Uttarakhand: 3

West Bengal: 3

Government Corona Information Kit Video:

Corona Virus क्या न करे? Video:

With the help of the given data above. We have understood to what extent the virus has spread. Thus is become very important to stop the virus from further spreading and protecting ourselves. The care we are taking today will help for
Important Information About Corona – Virus:

Dial National Helpline Number: +91-11-23978046 or 1075

Helpline Email ID:

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