During the time of quarantine, everyone is wondering how to spend the time. Some people have found alternatives for this. They have started doing some good things and spending their time in an awesome way? What are you doing guys? Though many are still struggling. They are getting lazy and wasting their time. So here are the things which you should not do during the time of quarantine.

If you are doing some of these things mentioned below, you must stop there immediately and start changing your habits that you have developed these days.

Playing with your phone till late night-If you think of this time as you are on vacation, you are simply wasting your time. You are going somewhere wrong. Use your time wisely as you usually do.

You have a lot of time. Be Productive. Spend some quality time with your family members, your children, your wife, your grandparents. They will love it. You are normally very busy with your work often. You had always keep thinking about that, I wish I could find some time for my family as your family keeps complaining about it.

Don’t waste your time by, holding your phone for hours and hours. You will have some of the best time with your family. If for some hours you keep your phone aside and listen to what your family thinks, or what they have to say to you. Stay away from your phone as much as you can. You are surely going to have an amazing time.

Sleeping at Midnight and get up too late in the morning-As the daily lifestyle has completely ruined because of the coronavirus. We all have to stay home and the worst part of it is we have got nothing to do.

We have started living your life, as there is no purpose left in your life. You can not just completely disturb the routine you had. Of course, you can rest for some time. But if you are just waking up whenever you want and the moment you get up you are stuck to the phone. Isn’t that horrible?

Would you like it if your child is doing the same thing? I would suggest that every individual in the house should distribute the household chores. Try to follow a healthy lifestyle. If you are following a healthy lifestyle you will feel fabulous for the whole day and enjoy your day to the fullest.

3. Do not waste your time gossiping for hours-If you have got the time to spend with your family or friends, try to talk about something that can help you. Talk about the things that will enhance your knowledge.

If you are a parent talk to your children about your experiences, teach them the things that will help them to be a good citizen. If you are a teenager spend time with your grandparents, I bet once you start talking to them you will get to know some of the interesting things, about their life experiences, about freedom struggles and much more. If you don’t believe me, try this.

Instead of talking about useless stuff try this out. You can also inculcate some of the great habits in your children. Children do follow you, they observe you very well, they do exactly the same as you behave, the way you talk. So, be aware of it. Readout some stories for your child, a poem or a book. You will see the great change once you start applying these little habits.

Do not Stop Exercising-Many of the people go to the gym, or for a walk every day. But, as we all are not allowed to go out so for those who go out and exercise have to stay at home too.

So, is it fair if we stop exercising, just because we can’t go outside? Start exercising at home, there are many videos available on youtube which will help you to be fit. If you love to dance, start dancing for an hour or two on your favorite song.

Think that it’s your time, Exercise also helps to relieve stress. It will help you to be more energetic. Exercise will help you to look good and feel good. So start your day with the exercise.

Do not Trouble the peoples at home-Many of the people do have the habit if, they do not any work do to they start annoying their sister, mother or anyone at home. This can irritate others mentally. If anyone has the habit of troubling others I would suggest you meditation will work as a magic for you.

You will realize how you behave with people. You will figure out what is the exact cause behind your way of behaving with others. Try to change your habits. Who knows you will definitely succeed to change your ugly habits and start working on your exact problems.

Wasting time on Social media sites-When we have no one around us, we have the power to reach to the people through social media. Our day starts with checking others’ status, uploading status on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and number different social media sites.

I have a question to ask you, don’t you think you are wasting your time? What if you don’t upload status for a day?What if you start your day by making the list of the things you want to accomplish today? Which one of the two things will help you to be more successful?

Do you want to live an ordinary life forever, always looking for what others are doing? If these questions don’t scare s you, it’s fine. But if you start your day with a plan and purpose, without thinking about the rest of the world

I am sure you are going to achieve whatever you always wanted to. Awake and think about what you should do and what are you doing.

You are not supposed to spend your time so carelessly, make each day count. Even we are at home, if you have nothing to do, sit and think about what new I can learn today,?How I can spend the best day with your loved ones, your parents and other people from your family? Ask this to yourself when you get up in the morning.

Don’t just sleep, eat unhealthy food, a waste whole day watching news and movies, web series, call everyone and have a long conversation for hours and hours which has nothing to do with your life.

Be aware you are not doing these things during the quarantine. You still have time to do a lot of things. Share me in the comment box what other things you should avoid doing during the time of quarantine.

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