Everyone is finding it quite hard to spend the time at home. Just sitting at home and doing nothing is obviously tedious. So here are some of the top things you can start doing during the time of- Quarantine.

Have you thought instead of just wasting time and thinking about useless things, what else or how better you can use this time?

If you are wise enough, I would suggest you, start using your time wisely. As everything out is completely locked down. Instead of gossiping and getting frustrated, you can do things that you always wanted to do. And the best part is no one is going to question you.

Here is a compiled list of the things you can invest your time in. Be more creative, do want you always wanted to do, be awesome, and feel like yes, I Did it, I Accomplished what I wanted. Instead of regretting later. Thinking later that, Hmmm…….I think I would have used my time, instead of just wasting it.

It is ok if you are bored. Did nothing for the number of days. But its never too late. Better late than never. Do you think the same?

So, here is a list of things you should immediately start working on.
Are you excited? Let’s start.

Learn Cooking-

cooking is fun.
To cook is not a difficult task these days.
You have your phone all the time. Cooking is actually very interesting.

You always keep complaining or sometimes when you are alone, You often think of it, It could have been better if, I know how to cook?
So, You have your best friend with you, (Your cell phone). Open youtube and learn what you like to eat.

You can also learn it from your mom. Just keep in mind if she scolds you for not cleaning everything and not keeping stuff at the proper place. Don’t just quit in the middle. I have quit cooking many of the times because of her kitchen rules and perfection.

Clearing all the mess is equally important. After you are done with cooking, clean everything you will feel good and your mom will also appreciate you.

Let others also taste what new you have tried while cooking. Experiment with food. Believe me, cooking is so much fun.

Learn any Musical Instrument-

Who not love to learn to play their favorite instrument? If you already know how to play an instrument, practice more and play it whenever you feel that you have nothing else to do. Be aware that you are not disturbing others

If you want to learn an instrument that you have bought many years before. But you never the time to learn it. Just open youtube and start learning. You will start having an amazing time.

Get Fit and find time to exercise-

This is the thing that we always want to do. But, yes we always find an excuse and try to escape. Even I do the same. So, guys what are you waiting for. Start working out at home. Exercise, consume healthy food and be more beautiful.

You can also post your transformation pictures on Instagram and also inspire others to do the same.

Watch the movies you always wanted to watch-Many of the times we don’t find time to watch the movies. You always struggle to find a little time to do what you enjoy doing. But as we get so tired or we are so busy with the studies that, we think that I will surely do it when we are done accomplishing the things we are trying hard to achieve.

So, don’t think much about other things. Relax and start watching your favorite movies which were in your hit list.

Plan your Future-

Make a list of the things you have left pending. Make a proper plan and whenever you get the proper time, just do it with proper planning. Do it in the way that there is no chance to fail. If you are a student or a businessman, entrepreneur or any individual everybody has some future plans.

Plan the things now and start working, by and by start working on it. You will surely succeed one day. But for every accomplishment, proper planning is a must.

Read some interesting books-

what we do usually many of the times, we hear people saying, you should read some of these interesting books. So, without a delay, we get that book. Start reading the book and leave reading in the middle. So it’s the best time to complete reading those interesting books

Reading surely helps to improve you in many ways, they are your best friends, books inspire you to be better and better.

So get up, get the book and finish all those wonderful books you have.

I hope you will surely start implementing at least one thing. Like the rest of other peoples, you would not be wasting your time. You can also suggest some of the other things in the comment box. These are the things you can start doing during the quarantine.

These are some of the best things one should start doing now. You can surely inspire others too to be more creative and feel amazing.

And most Important, Stay at home and be safe.

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