“Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from Inside” one of the Great Quote of Stephen Covey. Today we will discuss the very famous book of Stephen Covey-7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Since its first publication, 25 million copies sold, and this book is the most famous book by Stephen Covey. So here is the Best Summary of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for you.

Even If you don’t Find Much time to read the books, you will get to know the exact idea, and I have tried to convey the summary of the book in the best way.

In the Book-Stephen Covey had talked about the Habits that separates the Highly Effective People from the rest of the other people.

It is very accurate, and many of us will agree with me that habits are the only thing that can change our life. Isn’t it true?

It doesn’t matter if it is a Bad Habit or a Good; it shows the result. So if you want to develop a productive habit and built a strong character, these 7 Habits will help to have a perfect life, and to have an ideal experience, you have to work on your habits.

So are you excited to know the seven surprising habits and ready to transform yourself and be a competent person?

Let us discuss all of them in series.

Be Proactive and Not Reactive
Does it ever happen to you after you react to a situation, and later you realize what if I would not have responded? It does happen to me always. I feel so embarrassed about the way I sometimes react to many situations that I face in life.

After reading this book, I have stopped reacting to every unnecessary thing. If you respond to every stupid thing, it will make you feel angrier, and once other people know about this habit of yours, they can start controlling you as you cant control the way you react to different situations.

You should be able to manage your emotions and the way you react to external situations. This superb quality of Humans separates us from the other creatures on the Earth.

You are the only person that can decide how to handle and react to the worst situations in life smartly. Slowly if you develop this Mindblowing habit, you will observe many significant changes in your life, and you finally step ahead of becoming an effective person.

Develop a habit of Empathetic Listening. First, Listen to understand then to be understood.

We face many of the problems in life because we do not listen to understand we listen to reply. We always want to prove ourselves right, and what happens is both the person gets annoyed, and the situation becomes more worst.

While we are having an argument in a house or the office or with any individual, we should develop a habit of listening, try to understand what the other person is trying to say.

This habit will help you live a more peaceful, happy life and people will know that yes, you listen and understand them.

If you see many great persons, they listen first, and then only they convey their thoughts and ideas to others. If you also want to be one of them, develop a habit of listening to others.

Begin With the End in mind-
Imagine, you are no more in this world, what do you want your friends, your colleagues, your family to talk about you at your funeral? Whenever you start your work, or you do anything in life, think about the final result in your mind first.

Take time to think about the End. If you don’t have the exact idea about where you want to be, how can you reach there without having a proper plan and purpose about it?

You should start doing everything with a precise aim so that you can reach where you want to be in the End.

Remember, don’t think about the start of the race; always think about the ending. Think of the End and conquer everything.

Put first things first-
What are the things you want the most? This kind of work you want to accomplish or you want to complete. Categorize your work –
1.Not Important and not urgent
2.Not Important and urgent
3.Important and Urgent
4.Important and not urgent

If you categorize your work, things will become more comfortable for you. Additionally, it is also vital that you should finish the tasks that you find the most difficult to complete. Once you complete the toughest part, there will be a great sense of achievement within you.

Things that are less important and are not that important, you should completely ignore them while working on your important tasks and avoid useless things. Concentrate on firsts things first.

Working together make things easier. Many impossible things can be made possible. Working together is way better than working individually.

Working together teaches us the value of strength. You alone can surely find a solution, but you can find the best solution when you are working as a team.

Sharpen the Saw-
You should always work on the core of everything to get things done. If you are cutting a tree and it is taking too long to cut it, what you should do is sharpen your saw first and continue with your work. Within a few hours, you will see your job done.

If you want to write the best article or essay sot you should gather the best information so that you will be able to write excellent content.

In the same way, if you want a perfect body, have an ideal diet, and do some workout.

This simple habit can work as a wonder for you, you might sometime not see the immediate results, but once you start following simple these habits, you will see a significant improvement in every aspect of your life.

These easy and simple habits will make you a great person; these beautiful habits will transform you entirely from and ordinary person to a great and successful person.

Think about the Win-Win Situation in Life-
Many people think only about the competition and have the mentality that only I should get the benefit of everything. Making good relations with others will take you to greater heights.

Think about the win-win situation instead of a win-lose situation.

What you need to do is be patient and develop a mutual understanding and excellent communication for it. Seek the help of others; if you think you can not do it alone, find someone who can help you find the people with the same objective. Both should invest so that you both get benefited, and there are fewer chances to fail.

The situation soon turns into a Win-Win situation. All you need to do is develop trust and patience. And the chances to fail comes down. If you also want to be on the list of Highly Effective people, start implementing these seven habits in your Life.

To change your habits is up to you.No, one will come and help you.

Once you develop these habits, you will be one of the people who can inspire many people and be a competent person.

What other habits you think are essential to be an effective person?

Do share it with us. My readers would love to read more about your valuable thoughts. Do comment and let us know.

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