Everyone is very scared by the Virus Corona. This virus has completely ruined the daily life of all the people. Coronavirus has now reached India and many different parts of the country. As per the different reports, the total number of patients reported is about 130 in India. The number is increasing day by day. It is thus very important to protect ourselves from this deadly disease. Let’s have a look at updates of the Corona Virus.

The Number of people being infected with this virus is Rising. Every time I start watching any news Channel the only news everywhere is about the virus COVID 19 (Corona Virus) which is very distressing. Throughout the world, the number of people infected with the Virus is around 1,22,342, a number of people died are about 8,892, and around 84,328 have recovered. The virus can be treated completely if proper medication and care. All you need to do is protect yourself by taking all the possible precautions.

People are bought back to India from Different countries. At the very beginning, the three people who were fighting the battle with a corona in Kerala are now completely fine and back to their normal life. Many companies have urged their employees to work from home. All these measures will surely help to not let the virus infect the other individual. As there is a serious need to stop this virus from spreading.

A new patient who has traveled to Netherland from Pune is found to be infected with the virus and is tested Positive. The person who is 28 years old. The Person is now admitted to a local hospital and is under medical supervision.

Around 52 designated test centers for Corona Virus are now set up in India. As the spread of coronavirus (covid-19) strengthens over the globe and in India, the administration has assigned test locales the nation over to speed up finding and help treatment.

The National Restaurant Association of India(NRAI ) has sent an advisory notice to shut all the restaurants and hotels for the precaution against Corona Virus. This will surely impact them Financially. But what is equally and way more important for the well being of the country is we should take steps to control the virus to spread.

Every single measure is taken by the government of Different states of India to stop the virus from spreading. We all should also try the individual level to fight against the virus and prevent it from spreading. Efforts are also been made by various individuals and our government to effectively handle the situation wisely. Just Remember Wash your Hands Frequently, avoid traveling, consume healthy food and stay healthy.

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