Every day we hear in the news about Cybercrimes. What do you understand or know about cybercrimes? If Sherlocks homes would have been in the 21st century surely, who is a well-known detective. He would be a genius in cracking all the modern time crimes which are related to computer-related crimes or which involves network and computer. Cybercrimes are done with the criminal motive to harm any individual or group of individuals. It is thus important to be more aware of cybercrimes. Lets elaborate more about cybercrimes.

Cybercrimes can be categorized into two types(1)-crimes which focuses on independent targets using devices and computer network and the other is,(2) Crime that targets computer networks or devices. Cybercrimes are done purposely with a criminal motive, which threatens the individual or the security of a nation.

Here, we will be discussing more about the major kinds of cybercrime:

Cyber terrorism means threatening people or the security of the nation using the computer network or some hacking activities. Different kind of news is spread which threatens and distress the life of a person is considered as cyber Terrorism. Kind of news may include like there will be a bomb attack or other terror activities this false information is circulated using different devices. This is what we call Cyber terrorism.

Many Drug Traffickers, using the internet, fake mail id, operating from cyber cafe communicate to sell and bargain the drugs. This is a big question in front of us to save our younger from not getting into the trap of such drug traffickers. Drug traffickers make use of all the possible means, so they carry out their activity. Drug Trafficking is a major offense which is Carried out with the help of Computer device and Computer Network.

We all use Email frequently in our day to day life. But, do you know or have ever come across terms like Email spamming, Email bombing and email spoofing. All these terms have different meanings and are major kinds of cybercrime which, jeopardize the functioning of email service. Let’s understand each term separately.

Email spamming-Email spamming is done for commercial purposes, where we receive a number of emails in bulk, which becomes a kind of annoying sometimes.

Email spoofing-Email which is sent from the original source appears in the email list to be sent from a different sender id. Thus it becomes very difficult and quite confusing to recognize from whom exactly the mail is received.

Up next is Email Bombing– what happens here, you receive the same email again and again from the same email address, which is troublesome.

Sometimes an individual is being harassed as repeatedly time after time. A person receives content through an email it may be related to nationality, gender, and race. This kind of content can harm a person mentally and emotionally. This content is sent with the motive of harassing a person which is offensive and a crime.

Big companies come across data loss and have to face a big problem. They are completely aware of what exactly happened and how? Data is altered, destroyed and stole. Data robbery nowadays has become very common and because of this company of billion dollars have collapsed because of Data Theft.

A large amount of money is transferred from a person’s bank account to another person. Credit card numbers are intercepted. Digital information stored is misused. All these are the kind of Major Cyber Crimes.

Cyber Stalking means stalking a person using a web. It is done to frighten and harass a person or group. Cyberstalking makes inappropriate use of the email, messages, calls and another mode of communication to stalk. It can also lead to sexual harassment, disturbs a person’s privacy completely.

It is necessary for all people to prevent themselves against such crimes and spread more awareness about Cyber Crimes. And careful about the activities that you carry on the web or when you are online. If needed seek the help of police if needed as there many cyber-related laws. Companies, individuals and all should take preventive measures and secure from the loss.

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