Where the whole world is worried about the fast-spreading Corona Virus, the news about the man who died because of the Hanta Virus is very distressing. As many countries are lockdown completely to stop the Coronavirus from further spreading, people are staying at home so as to maintain the social distance to stop the virus from spreading and save the lives of others. Thus it is very crucial for all to know all about the hantavirus-its signs, symptoms, prevention and treatment.

The Disaster that took place in Italy is very sad for all of us. Where the countries are concern about the Corona Virus, Yesterday’s news about the new Hantavirus can worsen the situation.

A man from China has been tested positive and died because of Hantavirus and as per the global report more, 32 people have too tested positive with the virus. He is from Yunnan province and has lost his life. He was infected with Hantavirus. This Hantavirus can cause different types of diseases, which may further lead to HPS (Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome) and HFRS (Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome)

In this article, we will understand more about the Hantavirus, Its precautions, symptoms, and other related important information.

Hantavirus is carried by rodents and this particular virus can be found in the saliva, droppings, feces, and urine of rodents. This virus cannot be spread from humans to humans. It has different manes in different parts of the world. Rodents are the hosts of the Hantavirus.

In the early 1950s, Hantavirus was first recognized as an Infectious disease.

You can get infected by the disease if you breathe in the virus particles, that are present and mixed with the air from the feces, droppings, and saliva of the rodents.

So here comes the question, what safety measures/precautions should be taken to protect from Hantavirus

-If you see the rodent droppings near your place which can be fatal for you, clear that place with sanitizer.So that it does not mix with the air.

-Stay away from Rodents Droppings

-Whenever needed make sure you use masks and gloves

-Make use of traps to catch the rodents, once they are trapped, pack the rodents in plastic and dispose of the plastic bag carefully.

-pack the hole with the seal so that the mice and other rodents won’t be able to enter your place

-Wash your hands after you remove your gloves after clearing the droppings of the rodents

Symptoms of Hantavirus
-Body aches
-Nausea and vomiting
All these are the symptoms of Hantavirus

Can Hantavirus be Fatal?
Yes, we can say that the diseases caused by the virus can be fatal, as the mortality rate is 40%. After the few days of the symptoms appear like a normal fever in very fewer days it can cause later respiratory diseases and finally a person dies. Utmost medical care should be taken. As soon as you see any of the symptoms mentioned earlier, consult a doctor and start your treatment as soon as possible.

Vaccine/Treatment For Hanta Virus:
There may be no particular remedy, therapy, or vaccine for hantavirus contamination. However, we do recognize that if infected people are identified early and acquire medical care in an extended care unit, they’ll do higher. In intensive care, patients are intubated and given oxygen therapy to help them via the length of excessive respiration distress.

If you have any questions related to Hanta Virus, do comment and let me know or do visit the website centers for disease control and prevention(CDS).In this very hard time, it is very important to take care of yourself and the people who are around you. As we are giving a tuff fight to Corona Virus to eradicate it completely. We all will surely out the way soon to fight with HantaVirus.Just remember to Stay Safe and Healthy.

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