Who does not wants to be free, feel amazing, live their life on their own term? You will start enjoying all these when you self dependent. The joy of being Self-reliant is what everybody wants to experience. But, How to Become Dependent?

It is the thing which is very less spoken. Everybody wants you to be Self-dependent, parents, our society, girlfriend, boyfriends all of them want us to be Self-Dependent, this is what they expect from us.

Do they just keep asking, what are you still doing? Do you still ask your parents for money? Oh, You should grow up and manage yourself on your own, that’s what everybody tells us.

But, has anyone helped you, how you can do it? What are the things you should do? Obviously not.

Every single person has passed this hurdle and yes they finally succeeded too and now are they self- dependent completely. Do you want to know how? Here I have discussed some of the wonderful tips. It will help you to become Self-dependent. There will be a day when you, the people around you will be proud of you.

Take your Decision, Do what you want to do-

Dont rely on others completely.You have to take decision for yourself.
You have to decide where you want to go in life. Which of your decision will help you to grow and be self-dependent?

If you keep listening to others, you will constantly keep changing your thoughts. You will never become self-dependent. Fly high like an Eagle with your own vision. There is something you always wanted to do.

Talk to yourself. You will find the answer. Go against the rule if you have the ability to prove yourself right.

If you start listening to yourself, you will start making good decisions for yourself.

Stop comparing your life with others-
Many of the times we complain about the situation we have in our life. We compare our life with others. We keep thinking it would have been better if, I had this and that but, it is of to use.

Start working. Eventually, the situation too will change. Don’t waste time thinking about others.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t compare yourself with others.

Take responsibility of yourself
We all fear when it comes to taking responsibilities. It is completely fine if you still find it difficult. But some or the other day, you will have to take responsibility for yourself. So why not now?

There comes a time in life, when you feel so annoyed in life. Many of the times it had happened to me too. We want to be self-reliant. You have no idea, how? We are trying everything to make that possible.

Suddenly when we grow up, many things start bothering us. Getting a job, helping our parents financially, we also have our desires too, all these things. You will get everything when you take the responsibility to change yourself first. If you have everything you can help your parents too.

So, Take responsibility. Don’t be afraid and face everything firmly.

Search for the Alternative Income Source-
If it is the money that bothers you so much, the answer to this is, Start finding for an income source. Search for a part-time job, learn some skills. They are a number of ways you can earn online. Start writing a blog. Do whatever that can help you. You can be more stable in life if you find a solution.

Many of the students aspire to achieve great things in life. At the same time, they also have to support their family financially. They have to manage their expenditure on their own.

Find a solution to every single problem. There are some people who find a question for every solution. Such kind of people will remain the same. You have to find a solution. Only you can do it.

Stop Spending Money on Useless things and start saving for future-
“If you spend money on the things you don’t need, you will have to sell the things you need-a a great quote by great Warren Buffet.

Stop wasting your time and money, two things will help you the most. If you keep going on doing the same things. Wasting time and money carelessly will not help you grow. Remember money saved is the money earned.

Work on Yourself-
Learn new skills, work on yourself, work on your abilities, do the things that you actually enjoy doing, study well, work as hard as you can. If for a few years you constantly work on the things you want in your life, You will Surely Get it.

Simple things you need to do.No magic is going to happen and change your life in a day. Remember these things and be very clear about it. If you need help never hesitate to ask. There are good people, who are always there to help you. Ask for help if you need it.

If this article could help any single person it will be like worth writing this blog.

I hope you will too find your way and be self-dependent, self-reliant. Share your story with me in the comment box. Share your story of becoming self-reliant.

Share your views with me. I would love to listen to your stories.

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