Interview With Sanjay Gawali- One Of The Best Photographer of Maharashtra. Known for his amazing Pictures and also known for starting a new trend of Fashion Photography in his City, Dhule.

During the interview, we got to know about his interesting life story. How actually he started photography and many inspiring things he shared with us.

We had a great interview with him. It will help many youngsters who want to make a career in Photography.

Let us move further and have a look at the Interview.

Chaitali Jadhav
: Hello Sanjay Sir, Tell us Something about you.

Sanjay Gawali- One Of The Best Photographer Of Maharashtra

Sanjay Gawali: Hey Chaitali, am from Dhule, Maharashtra. Working with complete dedication in the field of Photography for the last 8 years. Photography is now my passion and I would love to excel more and more in the field of Photography.

Chaitali Jadhav:
How to enter in the field of Photography?

Sanjay Gawali: Actually it was not what I always wanted to do. I needed money as I was not from a very well-to-do family and I had to manage my expenses on my own.

One Day one of my friends told me – to join the course in MKCL. Once you complete the course you will get 2,000 Rupees after the completion of the Course. Getting the money was my only motive so I decided to join the course just because I needed some money.

I joined the course where basic photography was taught as there were many other courses available but I choose this course. Here I learned the basic lessons about photography.

But the great thing that happened is, I started enjoying the course. Because the way they taught was superb and I forgot completely about the 2,000 rupees. This is when I decided to enter the field of Photography.

Chaitali Jadhav: Tell us about your Initial days when you started Photography?

Sanjay Gawali: I started finding a job and after a lot of struggle I was able to find the job in a studio in my city.

For around 5 years I worked there in the studio. During these days I learned more about Photography and Cinematography.

I used to go to different weddings for the photoshoot but then I realized that I need to explore more in photography.

In my city, people knew nothing about fashion photography so I decided to work more on fashion photography. This is all about the initial days of my career.

Chaitali Jadhav: After you quit the job, How you managed to work on your own?

Sanjay Gawali:
As I told you before I had quit the job and yet I not had enough money to buy the Camera.

This is where my actual struggle Started. I managed some money on my own but I needed some 20,000 more to buy the camera.

I asked everyone in my family but no one had that amount to help me.

So, somehow I managed to arrange the money and I got my First Camera.

Chaitali Jadhav: Can you tell us the price of your first camera?

Sanjay Gawali: It was for 33 Thousand and I bought a second-Hand Camera as I had not enough money to buy the new one.

Chaitali Jadhav: I have heard that people used to wait in queue for the photographs? Is it True?

Some cinematic views captured by Sanjay Sir.

Sanjay Gawali: Yes it is. When posted the photos on Facebook that I clicked for the very first time that was some fashion photographs of a guy.

I started getting calls for different people for a photo shoot.

And the time came where people used to wait for hours and hours for the shoot and even I was unable to handle the crowd many of the times.

Chaitali Jadhav: What do you think what are the things that are needed to get the perfect click?

According to me, 3 things are very essential that is- timing, subject, and the third thing is the background where we choose to click the pictures. If you are shooting outdoor then the climate and view where you’re taking the pictures.

Chaitali Jadhav: Which is your favorite picture that you have clicked?

Sanjay Gawali: There are many but a picture of a small kid who was so tired during the shoot that he was yawing and I clicked his picture at the perfect time.

The photo looks super adorable and beautiful. So that picture of a kid is my favorite.

Chaitali Jadhav: What are your future plans and dreams?

Sanjay Gawali: I have seen many ups and downs in my life. I had no money to buy the camera so I want to help others who are passionate about learning photography.

Students learning Photography Skills From Sanjay Sir

I want to Open an Academy, where at nominal cost students can learn photography.No matter of what age they are. Opening an academy is my first dream.

Secondly, I Want to build an outdoor and indoor studio from where I can manage all the shoots and at a time.

Chaitali Jadhav: Who are your favorite photographers?

Sanjay Gawali: Varun Patel Sir and Yogendra Chavan Sir are both my favorite.

Chaitali Jadhav: Tell us the moment when you think that yes, I did it and everyone in your family was proud of the choice that you made in Life?

Sanjay Gawali: I still remember the day When I asked my mother for 20 thousand because I wanted to buy a Camera. She said to me -“No” I can’t help you because she was helpless.

But, today is the day where I can say to my mom if you need 20 lakhs right now your son is here always for you.

Chaitali Jadhav: Sir, your journey is truly inspiring. What would you like you to tell our readers?

Sanjay Gawali: If a person wants to follow his/her passion and become a photographer he or she should be encouraged.

Photography is a super field. You can earn well if you are dedicated to your work.

There are different types of photography that people don’t know about.

Some Individuals think that photography is not a career and forces their child to choose another career option.

I would tell the readers through this platform that if you master and learn different types of photography you can build a strong career in the future in photography.

Chaitali Jadhav: How was your interview experience with Chaitali Jadhav?

Sanjay Gawali: Am really very thankful to you for the interview. You are doing a great job as people like us can share our views.

I had a wonderful time so thank you Chaitali for the Interview.

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