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First Female IAS officer of India: Anna Rajam Malhotra

Anna Rajam Malhotra, the pride of India. She has made history by being the first female IAS officer of Independent India. She is the inspiration of many women. The work she had did as an IAS will always be remembered… Continue Reading →

How To Become Self-Dependent

Who does not wants to be free, feel amazing, live their life on their own term? You will start enjoying all these when you self dependent. The joy of being Self-reliant is what everybody wants to experience. But, How to… Continue Reading →

100 Motivational Quotes – That Can Change Your Life Forever

100 Motivational Quotes –That Can Change Your Life Forever: by Blogger Chaitu If you are going through various difficulties in life. Here are the 100 motivational quotes that can change your life forever. The way you look at your life… Continue Reading →

10 Top tips -how to improve your writing skills

Do you want to improve your writing skills? Do you think it is easy? If yes, that’s great! No need to worry people, who think it is a difficult task. If you want to really master this skill, I will… Continue Reading →

Hantavirus – Signs, Symptoms, Prevention and treatment

Where the whole world is worried about the fast-spreading Corona Virus, the news about the man who died because of the Hanta Virus is very distressing. As many countries are lockdown completely to stop the Coronavirus from further spreading, people… Continue Reading →

Corona Virus Update: 2020

Everyone is very scared by the Virus Corona. This virus has completely ruined the daily life of all the people. Coronavirus has now reached India and many different parts of the country. As per the different reports, the total number… Continue Reading →

What is Cybercrime and its types

Every day we hear in the news about Cybercrimes. What do you understand or know about cybercrimes? If Sherlocks homes would have been in the 21st century surely, who is a well-known detective. He would be a genius in cracking… Continue Reading →

Yarraka Bayles:” I want to kill myself says a little Boy.

A video of a little boy Yarraka Bayles, shared by his mother is heartbreaking. Got up in the morning, was watching videos on youtube and suddenly this distressing video caught my eyes, a boy name“Yarraka Bayles” born with Achondroplasia, dwarfism,… Continue Reading →

Corona Virus

Corona Virus is a large group of viruses, that affect the respiratory system. Viruses infect your cells and then use your cells to replicate. It is an epidemic disease, which is spreading rapidly. In a very short time, this infectious… Continue Reading →

10 Top Easy Tips For Self-Improvement

Do you want to improve yourself?Here,are the 10 top easy tips that will help for self improvement. Are you ready to change yourself? Your life is never supposed to be yours if you always keep thinking about what others think… Continue Reading →

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