Stop Thinking And Start Living-What I learned from the Book

I used to be so worried about my life as I am 24 now. Many of the times I kept on thinking either about the past mistakes or about the future. Every other person who is trying honestly to achieve something in life sometimes has faced problems in life. But my life really changed when I came across this awesome book-Stop Thinking and Start Living”.Shortly and in a beautiful way, I would love to share with you guys what I learned from this book.

I did many good things in my life, have studied a lot, done many other different activities but when I start doing something I keep constantly thinking about the future or keep questioning myself like will I succeed? What if I don’t?What others will think? How much I will Earn? How long it will take?

When a single negative thought comes to my mind, what I do is suddenly quite the things that are very important and need to be focused. Do you face the exact problem? I know many teenagers and other people do not really understand the reason behind their failure, the reason behind their pain, unhappiness, their struggle.

It’s all because of the way we think. Our single thought can just spoil everything and so we keep failing. Does not matter how hard you work but if your thoughts are not allowing you to stay focused you will fail definitely.

I will like to share with you guys what exactly happens with me,.When am doing work for example-If I decide to write a blog and suddenly if I come across any successful person while watching a video or something, I start thinking, start comparing myself with that individual and start worrying about the future. So, I forget writing about my blog and end up wasting the whole day without writing a single blog.

Suddenly I came across an audiobook-“Start Thining and Start Living”(Author-Richard Carlson).This book has really changed the way I used to think. The writer has explained it so beautifully that if you keep thinking about your future and past, you can not focus on the present and end up achieving nothing in life. This is so true. When I look back at every mistake that I did in the past, I was truly convinced that yes, what the author is trying to say is so true. This is what that exactly happens with every one of us.

The next day I promised my self that from now onwards I will just concentrate on the 24 hours of a day and just complete the task happily that I have to complete without a single negative thought. This simple thing that I have decided to stick with, has brought many changes in my life.

without further delay, I will share with you people the things that I learned from this super awesome book.

Once you make your mind that happiness is within me, you will start seeing happiness in everything you have in life. If you decide to stay happy you will surely be happy.

We all keep criticizing ourselves or the circumstances that we have faced in life. Did it change anything? So instead of thinking about the mistakes, accept it, control your thoughts, and start appreciating yourself, you still have time to change everything. This is the power of your thoughts.

When you can’t control what’s happening around you, just change you are the way you respond to it. Your mindset makes a huge difference. The Way you think you become.

Every day you get up, just think of that particular day, complete the tasks you have to do today without thinking for a single second about the past or the future. Everything will change and you will get what you exactly want in your life.

With negative thoughts, you cant live a positive life.

Be grateful for what you have in life. See people around you they are happy with what they have in life. Little patience and a positive mind are the most powerful things. So be thankful for what you have.

These things really changed the way I used to look at my life. You must read it once. Whenever I start thinking I am losing hope I start reading this book.No one but only you have the power to change your thoughts and live a happy life.

If you get time to read the book-do not forget to share your valuable thoughts with me. I would love to hear from you, how was your experience, what changes this book have bought in your life.

So, Stay Happy, Be Thankful, Start your day with the positive thought, Concentrate on that 24 hours of the day, you are awesome

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