A video of a little boy Yarraka Bayles, shared by his mother is heartbreaking. Got up in the morning, was watching videos on youtube and suddenly this distressing video caught my eyes, a boy name“Yarraka Bayles” born with Achondroplasia, dwarfism, crying and saying I want to kill Myself”.Every day this child is bullied by the students at his school, called sometimes with different names which hurts him and makes him feel different.

Yarraka a little child’s mother shared a video, where he is sitting ina car and crying, which is very heart touching. He is shedding tears because a boy from his school is bullied him for his height and he got so annoyed that he just ran to the car and started crying and we can see in the video that the kid who is just 9 years old wants to kill himself.

His mother can’t stop herself, to urge people that how heartbreaking it is to see his child see suffering. She wants people to know the effect of bullying, she is requesting and pleasing people to educate your child and teach them in school and at home to not behave in this way and not bully any person for his or her disability. Educate your children, family, friends that their behavior effect so badly. There should be a disability awareness and education within a school. She thinks that the education system is failing somewhere.

This video clip is been viewed by many people and has reached millions of people. This video is been very disturbing for many of us. Many great stars have shown their support so that no other child should suffer anymore or the thought of suicide should never come to the child’s mind.

Jeffery Dean Morgan, Hugh Jackman, Megyn Kelly, Eric Trump, Brad Williams, and other huge personalities have shared their videos and some of them have tweeted to show their support to this little kid Yarraka Bayles. All of them are requesting people to educate their child about the disability and such bullying will not be tolerated says Comedian Brad Williams.

We all should also be aware and teach our children that they should never bully another child for anything and treat them in an amicable manner and with love. This kind of behavior that the little kid is struggling through is quite annoying for everyone and our education system should also make more efforts to stop all this.

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