Nothing tastes better than Maharashtrian food. Food from Maharashtra is well known and loved by everyone, food from Maharashtra is super dazzling and these top 5 dishes of Maharashtra are super famous in all Maharashtra. For people with different food tastes, Maharashtrian food has everything to offer for the food connoisseur.

Maharashtra is always in the limelight because of its food aspects. There are various regions in the state that has their own food specialties. You will find various foods for your cravings but I have listed down a couple of food cuisines of Maharashtra to make your choices more clear so that you can taste the best food of Maharashtra.


Most loved food of Maharashtra-Top 5 food of Maharashtra.

Mumbai the beautiful and known city by all is famous for many things one of them is Vadapav.A person from Mumbai initially started his vada-pav stall in Mumbai and soon it became very famous and people started loving it.

This food is taken as breakfast and almost sold at every street stalls and breakfast corners in almost every city in Maharashtra. It is made with mashed potatoes which are later it is deep-fried and served with bread and chutney. All together it tastes like nothing in the world.

This street food dish is very affordable and loved by all right from the rich to every single person everyone is insane about Vapapav as the best part is, you can buy it at just 10-20 Rs. This is one of the most loved food items of Maharashtra.

Puran Poli-

Food of Maharashtra-Puranpoli one of the best food from Maharashtra

If categorized, then it is a sweet main course item that is mostly prepared for a holy or a special event as per the Maharashtrian culture. With Puranpoli you can have some ghee. In Maharashtra, it is served with Aamras and this combination is truly luscious.

If you are Maharashtrian, you will definitely know this combination or else you can also visit one of you Maharashtrian, and taste this amazing food. It is mostly homemade with the help of split pigeon peas(Toor dal) and jaggery (gul). Nowadays you can also get it in a number of hotels so yes it becomes quite easy to taste the food whenever you are here and want to try this sweet dish in your main course.

Thus can be your best experience when it comes to Maharashtrain food. So are you craving for some Sweetness?

Misal Pav-

Misal served with a glass of curd. A simple dish with marvelous taste

One of the Best breakfast you can get if you are super hungry and is affordable too. A spicy and flavorful breakfast made a moth bean (matki chi usual) chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, squeeze the lemon, and fluffy bread also famously known as paav in Marathi. Yet the amazing fact you can get it at just 25-39 Rs.

At any street food stall or breakfast corner, you will see every second person having this dish. This is also served with bread which is simply fried in on the pan. This dish is my personal favorite dish from Maharashtra.

Paav Bhaji-

Food From Maharashtra: Top 5 Dishes Of Maharashtra

Whether you are a Maharashtrian or not, you are aware of this amusing dish. Its basically a main course consisting of spicy “bhaji” of mixed vegetables such as potatoes, green peas, tomatoes, and you can add much more if you want to. As we cannot eat the only bhaji”, we also have its companion called paav and trust me when it’s fresh, it’s so fluffy.

It is served with butter on it and chopped raw onions and if you just squeeze the lemon on it you would love the delicious taste. I know how you must be thinking of having it right now. You surely need to try if you haven’t yet. Wanna try this you will find many videos about its recipe and you can enjoy it at home too.

Kolhapuri Mutton Bhakari-

Kolhapuri Mutton Bhakari-Top 5 food of Maharashtra, Food From Maharashtra.

In every part of Maharashtra mutton is cooked in with different styles. In khandesh (North-East part of Maharashtra) you will find a completely different taste. But the mutton that is cooked in Kolhapur is relishing and its taste can’t be compared with anything else.

If you are a non-veg lover you must try it out you will start loving this amazing dish. Almost at every restaurant, you will get this superdelicious dish but to taste the true flavors and spice you must try it when you are in Kolhapur. This super delicious dish is served with the Bhakaris, with the roosted mutton pieces, mutton curry (Mutton Rassa), rice.

When the complete dish is right in front, you can’t resist yourself for a minute, even I cant.

This Simple food dishes of Maharastra are served with love and compassion by the lovely peoples of Maharashtra. With Great History, culture, tourist places the Maharashtrian food is famous in the whole world now. The flavor and taste of this food are mind-boggling.

So don’t forget to try out the Maharashtrian food, you are definitely going to love it.

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