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Top 5 Types of Yoga

Our body is a temple for our mind, soul and body, Yoga helps to nourish it with positive energy and to get a better health.Yoga also helps to shine our soul, slowly helping to replace negative thoughts with positive energy…. Continue Reading →

Career In Yoga: Courses, Opportunities, Jobs and Salary

Yoga is one of the amazing fields these days which provides you lots of opportunities. People are more cautious about their health like never before. They want to be fit, look smart, present themselves better than others and moving towards a… Continue Reading →

Basics of Yoga: Meditation, Yogic Diet, Breathing, Exercise

Yoga is practiced all around the world and has achieved great importance. The term yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word which means to unite. Simply it means to unite the body, soul, and mind. Yoga helps to live a… Continue Reading →

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