Our body is a temple for our mind, soul and body, Yoga helps to nourish it with positive energy and to get a better health.Yoga also helps to shine our soul, slowly helping to replace negative thoughts with positive energy. Yoga has gained significant importance and we see many different types of yoga have evolved nowadays, and the craze about these different forms of yoga is seen everywhere, as they have amazing benefits. Here, we will discuss the different types of Yoga. See what works better for you.

  1. Aerial Yoga :
  1. Aerial yoga is very useful to improve flexibility, relieve stress. Recently developed in the year 2014 but its craze is seen everywhere around the globe. People find this form of yoga very interesting and they enjoy Aerial Yoga. But I would recommend that you should first know some basics about yoga before you start learning Aerial Yoga. This form of Yoga is practiced with traditional yoga techniques.

2. Hatha Yoga :

Hath yoga includes a kind of physical exercise where you learn and practice different asanas. Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga where particularly asanas are more focused. It includes Pranayam, Meditation, and different asanas. Hatha yoga is beneficial in many ways, it is helpful to lose weight, strengthen muscle, Also helps to maintain good health as hath yoga proves to be very helpful to control blood pressure and sugar level.

3. Vinyasa Yoga :

The movements are combined with proper breathing while going from one position to another. Vinyasa Yoga is a popularly known form of yoga as it combined with the contemporary style of yoga. Vinyasa Yoga gradually helps to boost the stamina and get stronger muscles. Vinyasa Yoga also works as a cardio exercise. Vinyasa yoga is more flexible than another form of yoga, as you can also practice it with music. So its a kind of fun practicing this yoga.

4. Kundalini Yoga :

This form of yoga is influenced by tantra and Shaktism schools of Hinduism. It is believed to be the most dangerous form of yoga because of the involvement of subtle energies. Kundalini is the term used for the Spiritual energy which is located at the base of the spine. With its daily practice, there is a rise in the awareness of mind and body. which is helpful for kundalini rising. It helps to increase willpower, Brainpower, creativity and help to make wise choices in life, strengthens the nervous system. All these are the amazing and mindblowing benefits of Kundalini Yoga

5. Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga means eight-limbed yoga. It helps in complete body toning. This form of Yoga was found by K.Pattabhi.Jois.Ashtanga Yoga is quite challenging for the people who love highly structured practice as the flow of poses is definitely challenging. It works like magic for those who want to lose weight. But you should be practicing it well as it requires flexibility and a smooth flow to go from one position to another. But gradually with the daily practice, you can build that confidence within yourself.

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