Instagram was established in the year 2010. Since then it has become one of the most used social media sites. According to a study, 60% of youngsters use Instagram. This 60% are in the age group of 18 to 29 years. As Instagram is mostly used by the young generation, restaurants and boutiques are in business. Here sharing with you the best tips for Instagram marketing.

Instagram has evolved and now consists of the newest features, new business tools, advanced analytics, shoppable posts, new ways to drive traffic to Instagram stories and a new standalone video platform IGTV.

Instagram is mainly about visual presence. If you have good visual content, people will follow you. According to the studies, 72% of the audience purchase things after they see it on Instagram. Thus, clothes, shoes, jeweler, makeup products are becoming more and more popular on Instagram.
If you want to build your brand awareness and connect with a new audience, Instagram is an incredible place for you. But before using it, do you know the algorithm of Instagram? First, you need to study it before building Instagram Marketing Strategy.

Before Instagram feed was chronological, the hat is before we could see the posts on our feed in order according to the time people used to post. But now it has an algorithm. That is now you get to see in your feed the content which is more relevant to you. It is decided on your interest, timeliness, relationships, frequency, etc.

As the popularity of Instagram started to increase, it started becoming difficult to maintain all the photos, videos of everyone. People started missing the posts. So it switched to an algorithm.
Instagram was the first social media platform that offered in-app editing. It has plenty of original features like filters adding a light, warm or cool tone, increasing and decreasing of saturation, etc.

Instagram has one billion monthly active users. And almost 2% of Instagram users interact with Ads posted on it. This is highest amongst all social media networks.

While on Instagram, the most important thing you need to use is ‘Hashtag (#).’ You reach a new audience by using specific hashtags.

When you use a hashtag, it creates a link that leads to every post that has used the same hashtag as yours.

While promoting your business or products make use of popular and related hashtags. Using about 5 to 10 hashtags is a good rule. Do not use irrelevant hashtags.

Another feature that Instagram provides you is Instagram stories. Here you are allowed to post photos and videos which will appear in slideshow format. These stories remain on Instagram for 24 hours and then disappear. You get to know how many people have seen your story or reacted to it. In this way you know who your loyal customers are. There are various features available for Instagram stories like emoji’s, GIF’s, Polls, etc.

IGTV is Instagram TV which is gaining popularity now. Here you can post live videos, which are trending nowadays. Using only the Instagram platform you can post your Ad on Facebook and Twitter. This makes it easy to advertise on various platforms just by posting only once. You can even link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Instagram account.

So stop waiting, and start advertising on one of the most popular social media platform Instagram!!

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