Live chat is an online service that allows website owners to communicate, or chat, in real-time with visitors to their Web site. Live chat applications are mostly used to give quick customer support. To roadster up with the latest trends, it is important for a business to offer support to customers with the help of Live Chat. This is also one of the reasons, many online shopping businesses today build their stores on sites like Facebook, as it allows them to instantly interact with their customers. I hope you understood what is live chat. Let us move further and have a look at the benefits of Live Chat.

  • Live chat API work on the transport layer of TCP/IP protocol.
  • Using the API(Application Programming Interface) you can create custom integrations with your own websites.

Following steps to use the live chat on your web site:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose any free live chat website.
  3. Provide Name and Email Address.
  4. Verify your email.
  5. Provide required information
  6. Click on save and go to the dashboard.
  7. Copy the code(API Code).
  8. Paste the code into your website page.

Benefits of live chat:

  1. Live chat is accessible. With chat, customers don’t need to spend time to search phone numbers or email addresses.
  2. One of the key benefits of live chat software is its convenience. They can use it with minimal disruption, they can message while doing other work means whilst continuing to multi-task.
  3. Your website is your digital sales showcase. By adding chat features, you equip it with a team of skilled sales agents.
  4. Some of us hate picking up the call. Some dislike social media platforms; for others, physical meetings are the devil; some hate long email conversations. Adding a chat feature adds choices for your customers.
  5. One of the overlooked advantages of live visit programming is its adequacy in driving down site blunders. Guests with overlooked logins, or hitting 404 pages, can benefit from outside assistance quickly and adequately.
  6. A live chat channel funnels angry online users who expect or demand quick answers/reply to a private, discreet space. You can resolve problems out of the public eye without knowing other visitors, with less damage to your online reputation.
  7. For the international customer base, one of the key benefits of live chat software is its multi-language capacity. Your messages can be translated into customer’s languages in real-time.
  8. All studies show that live chat is a low cost compare to telephone support. Many surveys show that a live chat system is 30-40% cheaper than a phone call.
  9. Rather than waiting on hold listening to awful music on call, or waiting for an email response, live chat feature offers immediate contact with a real person.
  10. Averagely, it only takes 30 to 40 seconds to resolve any kind of query using a live chat system.
  11. With a chat system, it’s easy to monitor sessions, conduct quality control, and support.
  12. The chat system makes your business approachable. It has the capacity to encourage online user engagement.
  13. The chat system is PCI /PII complaint, encrypts conversations, so each and every chat conversation archive is totally safe.
  14. It reduces call volumes, so no need to invest in telecalling or its heavy high budget setup.
  15. The best benefit of a live chat system are that your customers love using it. 70%+ chat offers the highest satisfaction levels for any customer base.

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