Inspiring Story Of A Couple From India Who Travelled The World-By Selling Tea 

I keep reading about different people. Till now have read about many stories but this story of a couple from Kochi(India) inspired me the most. Their story touched my heart. Their story teaches us that-Where there is a will, there’s a way. Vijayan and his wife’s inspiring story of a couple who have travelled the world. They sell tea to save money and living their dreams—Vijayan and Mohana, who shares the same goal of travelling the world and loves going to different places.

Vijayan and Mohana
Vijayan and Mohana

Let us know their story and this story will make you believe in living and enjoying your dreams.

It motivates every crazy traveller around the globe and teaches that-Life is about adventures you take and the memories you make and live life with an open heart and mind.

Before Begining with their story, Let me ask you a Question. Are you living your life the way you have always dreamed? Think and Answer.

When Vijayan was a child, he loved seeing different places. But as a child, he had no money to visit so that he could go to different locations. He used to sell foodgrains which he had stolen from his house and in this way he gathered some money and enjoyed seeing new places.

Anand Mahindra also shared their story through on his twitter account.

The Story shared by Anand Mahindra is now shared and liked by thousands and lakhs of people.

Later, he got married to Mohana. They are happily married for the last 45 years and are around 70 years old. He owns a tea shop from which they earn and save money. They both work there and manages everything together. They work for a few years so that they can save money instead of paying to the workers.

Every day number of people visit their tea shop and every day they save around 300 Rs so that they could pay for their trips.

They had travelled to many places in India initially when they both started travelling. Both of them travelled together for the first time to different places in India. They travelled to many places in India, they travelled to Madras, Bangalore, Kanyakumari, Haridwar, Delhi.

Till now they both have travelled around 25 countries. Some of them are London Paris, Jordan, Egypt, Switzerland, Venice, Singapore, Malaysia. The places which they are planning to visit in the upcoming years are “Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Greenland and Norway,”.These amazing places are now in their Bucket List and surely they will make it happen.

Vijayan says-It is their will power which made every single trip Possible and travelling to many places will change your mind and culture.

I was so amazed by their journey that even after having everything we keep complaining and find excuses for not achieving and living our dreams life. Isn’t it true?

This couple is happy and thinks they have received everything whatever they have wished for. Vijayan and Mohana are each others strength.

People think they are crazy, in the true sense yes we all are crazy and it is important to be crazy for our dreams and only they are crazy as they are living and chasing their dreams.

If you believe and want to do something so badly in your life, you will make it happen.

If after reading this blog I can make a change in the life of a single person what can be even more amazing for me? So do share how was your experience reading this.

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