Mesmerising view from the top of the hills of Mangi Tungi
This View from the Hills will surely make you visit this beautiful place

Mangi Tungi is Truly An Incredible Place In India. If you are planning to visit this place read this article and get to know more about this lovely place.

Mangi Tungi is a place where I always wanted to be as it was on my bucket list for a long time and this trip to Mangi Tungi with my friends will stay in my memories forever.

It actually made me believe in the bollywood dialogue lines when i was at this beautiful place “Pighle Neelam sa ye behta hua ye samaan,neeli neeli si khamoshiyaan,na kahin hai zammen na kahin asmaan,sarsaraati huyi tehniyan pattiyan keh rahi hai bas ek tum ho yaha.Isn’t it wonderful? Visit here once in your lifetime and feel the magic of this place.

How to Reach-
Here comes the question- How to Reach?
Its 125 km from Nashik (Satana District)and 100 km from Dhule District a well-known city in Maharashtra

You can be here by bike and you are surely gonna have fun throughout your road trip or you can opt for a Car too.

About this Place-
Mangi-Tungi these two twin peaks located in Nasik District stands strongly at a higher elevation. Mangi peak that’s around 4343 feet whereas Tungi is 4346 feet from sea level. Once you are done with climbing 4500 steps you can actually realize the beauty of the mesmerizing place Mangi and Tungi.

This place has illustrious religious importance as its believed to be the gateway of the state of Enlightenment. Along with the many deities Ram, Hanuman around ninety-nine crore monks attained moksha from this place.

You get to see many old temples on both the hills and the beautiful carvings on the rocks.

Tallest Statue of the First Jain Tirthankara Rishabhanatha.

The religious marvel you can see here is the 108 feet Rishabdev Bhagwan statue and it’s the world largest statue, it took around 20 years to come up with the final statue and the unbelievable part is it is carved out from a single rock.

Pouring my experience into words-
Frankly speaking the moment I watched these twin peaks I just wanted to reach the top of the hills but it wasn’t that easy as it seemed to be. The entire bike ride from my city Dhule to Mangi-Tungi was full of fun with all of my friends.

We all were so excited to begin our trek but as we were stepping ahead it became too hard as it’s at a high elevation and you have to cover 4500 steps to be at the top.

But the amazing part is I had a great gang of my friends with me and they all made me believe that yes I can reach there.

You can find places where you can take a rest and enjoy the cool lime water and a lot of things to eat so that you can enjoy your food and the beautiful nature around.

As you keep moving ahead you lose your way in the fog and end up with a beautiful view from the top of the hills. Reaching the top of the hills I realized that It’s not the mountain that I conquer but myself.

I couldn’t resist taking pictures throughout the trekking journey. When today I have a look at all of the pictures it makes me feel like to be there again and I miss being at Mangi-Tungi Hills.

There are so many things that I want to convey to my readers about this beautiful place but all words literally seem to be nothing in front of this place whose beauty cant be expressed in this short article. Feel the beauty of this lush green mountain by actually visiting Mangi-Tungi.

All I can Say is Mangi Tungi is Truly An Incredible Place In India one must visit for sure.

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